Monthly Challenge

This is the page for the Monthly Challenge. To be shown at the club meeting upload your photograph here. All club members may enter up to 2 photos in the open category and up to 2 photos in the challenge category. Please post your photos by midnight on the Friday before the meeting.

NOTE: After the regular monthly club meeting, all the photos will be archived to an album under the Monthly Challenge Group.

  • JANUARY – Splash of Color
  • FEBRUARY – Food & Drink
  • MARCH – Negative Space
  • APRIL – Living Creatures (Non-human)
  • MAY – Portraiture
  • JUNE – One Too Many
  • JULY – Frames
  • AUGUST – Lines
  • SEPTEMBER – Monochromatic
  • OCTOBER – Panoramic Landscapes
  • NOVEMBER – Repeating Patterns

See all the photos submitted:

NOTE: The Photos are successfully uploading but are not showing in a list here. The webmaster is working on it.

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